Stephanie Goldsmith, CNM, MSN

Stephanie Goldsmith CNM

Stephanie's passion for midwifery was sparked by the birth center and home births of her two younger sisters when she was just three and seven years old. This instilled in her the idea that birth is normal, and not something to be feared. She didn't realize until her teens that being present at a sibling's birth is not the norm in our society! She grew up in Southern California and graduated with a degree in sociology from UCLA, and later moved to Israel, still searching for her "calling."

While in Israel, and after many discussions with a friend who is a doula, Stephanie finally realized that a midwife was the only thing she could be. After attending nursing school at Hadassah School of Nursing in Jerusalem, she worked in the recovery room and ICU at Hadassah Medical Center. She loved working with the staff there and serving the region's diverse communities. This is where she solidified her nursing skills, while always dreaming of returning to school to study midwifery.

Midwifery Experience

Stephanie returned to the United States after seven years, where she enrolled in the midwifery program at Columbia University in New York City. During her education, Stephanie had the opportunity to attend home births with a practice in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. This experience solidified her passion for normal, physiologic birth, and helped her understand the importance of having true options for pregnant women in deciding where they wish to birth their babies.

She feels so grateful to be doing the world's best "job" - caring for women and their families across the lifespan, and supporting them during the birth of their babies . Stephanie strongly believes in empowering and involving clients in decisions about their own health, and providing an open and accepting environment, regardless of whether the event is a birth, an annual exam, or a routine prenatal visit.

In the community...

Stephanie lives in Brewster, NY with her son, Noam, who was born at home in October 2014. She loves hiking, reading, singing in the shower, traveling, and spending time with friends and family. Her favorite seasons are spring and fall, which, having spent all of her life in California and the Middle East, she never got to experience until moving to the East Coast!